2nd Gen Dual Mass Air Translator (Z32)


The 2nd generation Selin Dual MAF Translator, like its predecessor, offers accurate and easy conversion to a proper dual intake system. With true dual MAF air intake metering and plug-n-play installation this product allows you to upgrade to a dual intake without the need for an ECU re-flash. You could install one in the morning and take it for a cruise that afternoon. Even better, if you have the classic dummy MAF setup and have been considering upgrading to a true dual MAF, the product is DIP switch selectable to work properly with dual pop tuned ECUs. Combined with the elbow kit, power gains as much as 30hp/30ft-lbs have been realized on lightly modified twin turbos. (see dyno in the images)

The design includes high quality OEM male and female connectors with the more modern quick release latch. No need to run wires, cut, splice or solder… just snap it in place and you’re done! The circuit enclosure is molded from automotive grade PA66-GF10 for strength and longevity in the harsh automotive environment Inside the case, the circuit board is rubber encapsulated to protect against water and moisture as well as combat vibration. Combined with the individual wire seals on the connectors the unit can be considered waterproof. The mounting bracket tucks the unit away conveniently next to the filters with factory fit and finish.

At redline the 300ZX fires 350 cylinders per second. The translator’s high speed digital signal processor updates the output signal over 1000 times per second to ensure the most accurate and up to date information is available to the ECU at all times. In addition, each unit is individually serialized, tested, and tuned during manufacture to ensure 1% or better accuracy across the entire operating range. Flow bench testing in the “ADD” configuration shows incredibly accurate metering to over 800CFM! The “AVERAGE” setting in combination with a classic dual pop chip doubles that figure for truly wild setups.

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