300ZX Dual Intake Elbow Kit


The Selin Dual Intake Elbow Kit makes the upgrade to true dual MAF air metering quick, easy, and economical. The high quality santoprene elbows connect the mass air flow meters directly to the intake piping minimizing the number of connections and clamps. The smooth sweeping reducing bends induct the air with minimal resistance. Unlike cast aluminum elbows, the santoprene elbows are wider in cross section, internally smooth, and have no sudden steps in diameter that introduce performance robbing turbulence. The stainless steel liner clamps prevent damage to the couplers, which is typical of lower quality standard worm gear clamps.

The intakes are secured and aligned by a brushed stainless steel bracket assembly. The center brace ties the sensors together creating a rigid “H”. The T-bracket bolts the center brace to the aluminum bumper support using pre-existing holes. The result is a sturdy and attractive dual intake assembly. The filters are spaced away from the bumper support to prevent rubbing damage common to dual intakes. A small degree of adjustability is built in to accommodate your vehicles unique fitment requirements.

Installing the kit is straightforward and with the proper tools it can be accomplished in 30 minutes to an hour. It should be noted the kit does not include MAF sensors or air filters.


*** This kit contains silicone elbows, brackets, clamps and hardware. Air filters assemblies and sensors not included ***

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